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Meet Jennifer Lane-Riefler, the author.

About the Author

I have learned much from the passing of my loved ones. Recently I lost a dear friend to lung cancer. Her husbad was her caregiver. He did everything within his power to care for her during her illness. When the family decided it was time for hospice I helped him interview and choose the hospice that best fit their needs. I helped him to express his specific needs to the hospice and ask hard questions. I knew the couple well and wanted to do my very best to help during her final days. I bought a notebook and set it up to help him keep track of medications, pain, concerns, etc. It became a useful tool to him and the hospice staff often referred to it. It helped him monitor her every need. I was holding her hand when she passed. I experienced a great loss at her death, but being at her side will always be in my heart as a very important gift to me. I am honored to knowthat she felt safe enough with my presence to let go.

When I arrived home late the night she passed, I sat down and designed this journal.


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